The First Post

Hello blogging world!

Just two weeks into my “Composing New Media” class and I’m already realizing just how different this class is going to be from anything I’ve taken in my three years at Chapman University. My job as a student studying English literature has never been to stay up-to-date on the latest technology; my job is to read and analyze (mostly) old texts. In fact the realm of English literature courses in college is so far behind the times that they dubbed the literary movement of the late 19th century Modernism. But I mean REALLY? That was the 1800’s people. We can get a little more modern than that.

In this blog I’ll be blogging to the wider literature community about all the wonderful (or not so wonderful) things I read. All jokes aside, I have a passion and appreciation for the written (or typed or sung) word, and I hope that this blog will attract not just other English majors, but all kinds of readers, music lovers, and quote collectors.

Just think of how many amazing quotes/books/songs we come across every day. The power of words is as strong today as it has ever been. And although the medium through which words are conveyed may be changing, the strength of an artfully constructed grouping of words can never die. In this world of new media, we forget to stop and take in the greatness of the little things.

We get lost in music without ever thinking about what the song means.

We hear people talking, but we don’t fully understand what they have to say.

We move so fast that we forget to listen at all.

Although literature buffs may be the primary audience for a blog like this one, I happen to believe that every single soul on this earth appreciates a deep thought thrown at them every now and then. I am definitely not planning on being the origin of these deep thoughts, but rather a channel/filter for some of the awesome things that people have to say.


3 thoughts on “The First Post

  1. Best of luck on your latest endeavor. It’s bound to be terrific. I look forward to reading more of what emanates from that gray matter of yours.

  2. You have already narrowed the generation gap by your admission that you have not been fully immersed in today’s media culture! Hooray…we “mature” people need not feel so “out in the cold”! Well done! Loved it!

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